Friday, February 16, 2018

Privacy Smart Glass


Privacy Smart Glass

What if you could achieve privacy with just the flick of a switch?

Custom Cut Glass is proud to offer an exclusive and custom configurable Smart Glass panel system.  It is the perfect solution to your need for instantly switchable privacy.

How does switchable privacy glass work?

This technology will switch the glass from transparent to an opaque translucent state with the simple flip of a switch, tap of an app, or wave of a hand.  The technology makes available a dynamic space that can be both private and open.

Glass "ON" - Transparent                                             Glass "OFF" - Opaque

Uses of switchable privacy glass include:

• Residential – bathroom / shower enclosures, partitions
• Commercial – conference rooms, office doors/partitions, reception
• Retail – changing rooms, projection displays
• Healthcare, 
 hospitality   ICU Doors, Nurseries, ERs, ORs, clinic partitions
• Banking – ballistic teller lines, transaction windows, safe deposit rooms


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