Friday, March 9, 2018

 PRIVACY GLASS glass is one of the most cost effective solutions market today, we are able to transform glass, bring it to life.
With innovation and over 20 years of architectural and specialist glass experience.
PRIVACY GLASS is a fully laminated form of smart glass and enables safety and securtiy glass to also be able to offer privacy

Electric glass screen

The latest generation of  Electric glass, also referred too, as Smart glass or Privacy glass offers greater safety and security in both the workplace and the home.
The seamless nature of laminated glass means that panels can be positioned side by side (glass to glass) without the need for any vertical frames. This makes  Electric glass the ideal choice for glazed screens and glass doors, creating a very minimal and contemporary look.

PRIVACY GLASS can be manually or automatically configured by voltage regulation to privacy required at any given time ideal for partial visibility to a fully translucence state. Many commercial buildings windows and glazed facades have Solar control coated glass which is tinted to reduce heat gain into the building, this itself has many advantages but also disadvantages, the main one being the reduction of natural light. This leads to artificial lighting becoming one of the single biggest energy resources in the building. The ability to control the use of natural light and reduced energy costs decreasing the buildings carbon footprint is available by using  PRIVACY GLASS.

This specialist glass is fully controllable from transparent to translucent enabling a comfortable level of sun glare whilst still maximizing the available the light level.
Given the occupiers Instant and precise control of light.
When used with a low e coated insulated glass unit the advantages of both reduced heat loss and heat gain are also fully maximized, allowing a high specification of window glass.
PRIVACY GLASS offers extra dimensions to electric glass the ability to be dimmed to reduce the level of privacy or translucence state, which minimises sun glare whilst still allowing levels of visibility.  PRIVACY GLASS is a polymer dimmable electric glass, which ensures the   PRIVACY GLASS has the latest technology and offers more solutions than ever before. Electric glass can be used with the suite of switching controls allowing our clients to have the correct product in the right place without having to use a different controller.

Electric glass is the choice of interior designers, partition companies and fit out contractors, with high clarity only 5% haze offer unsurpassed clarity with full technical bespoke solutions, to aid our clients by offering an efficient and effective service. and an assurance that the project will be on time and within budget constraints.
 Electric glass can be used in almost any part of a building that has a glass content from rooflights to glazed screens and balustrades to display cabinets. We offer a full supply only or supply and install service with full technical knowledge of smart glass architectural and glazed screens.  Electric glass is available in double and triple glazed units and are fully switchable with a wide range of controls.

The  PRIVACY GLASS offer dynamic partitioning of space with no hindrance to light transmission

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