Monday, April 16, 2018

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors serve several functional and aesthetic purposes. They reflect light and images to make a small room appear larger. They also give you a way to double check your appearance before you leave the house.
Standard mirrors are available in bulk at big box and home improvement stores, but what if you have a specific look in mind? After all, you probably want to purchase a mirror that reflects your home’s current decor, not build your furnishings around whatever mirror you happen to find in stores. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, consider designing custom mirrors to fit your needs best. Here are some popular options to inspire your next custom mirror project.

Oversized Bathroom Mirror

If you have a double vanity in your master bathroom, the existing mirror might be lackluster. You can make a statement by ordering an oversized mirror to match the custom dimensions of your double vanity.
Reflecting the room back at itself makes the entire bathroom look larger and feel more impressive. Customize your bathroom mirror with a frame for a high-end look you can’t get from bulk-produced mirrors.

Mirrored Wall

Hallways are a great place to decorate and showcase your tastes with pictures and framed art. But have you thought about adding an entirely mirrored wall? This unique feature makes your home stand out and creates the modern spin you might be looking for.
A mirror spanning entire hallway wall from floor to ceiling makes it feel less claustrophobic because the reflection makes the hallways appear twice as wide. You can still hang artwork and family pictures on the bare side for the personal touch you want in your home.

Full-Length Mirrors

When you want to dress for success, you can’t beat full-length custom mirrors. These come in many varieties. Some are swivel mirrors set in stands that make them portable. Others simply lean against the wall. Still, others mount to the wall as a permanent fixture, some of which reach all the way from floor to ceiling for a bold statement. From thin, unobtrusive frames to thick wood or metal frames, your options are limitless when you customize a full-length mirror.

Custom Mirror Safety Features

Since custom mirrors tend to be large and impressive, they require certain safety features to ensure an uneventful installation and safe day-to-day use. For example:

  • Frameless mirrors should feature safe rounded edges to prevent cutting yourself.
  • Large bathroom mirrors should feature safety backing to keep glass fragments in place in case of accidental breakage.
  • Heavy duty mirror hangers should be used for a secure installation that prevents the mirror from falling.

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